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Who We Are

How it all started.

We started from understanding of it's not just consulting, knowing all the aspects of the Healthcare continuum obtaining Business and IT Healthcare domain knowledge is key. TallulahBlue Health originally started in 2012 helping Health Plans from the ground up define an all new Architecture using Technology/ Architecture & Integration to support operational change for new Health Insurance products. 


One of the keys to success is how to take a Healthcare system from the 1970's/1980's and transform them into a sustaining Healthcare company bringing diversity of products to market in 3-month product cycles while providing flexible and reusable design and frameworks supporting Healthcare reform and varying product innovation and integration.


TallulahBlue Health looks at products /services as outcomes and apply’ s the most practical designs to solve the problems with an overall encompassing ecosystem that can drive growth.  ​


TallulahBlue Health’s first/best clients requested assistance in the architecture of a new Health Plan from the ground up. TallulahBlue Health not only designed an Architecture model for this Healthcare Company to setup, but also helped the client transform its own Architecture practice and Integration capabilities to bring them into the next generation of Healthcare and position themselves for growth and sustainability.


The key issue today is how do you take a strategy and execute it seamlessly. It's more than technology, its people, process, and technology.  It is having the ability to work with Executives/Leaders and to facilitate and collaborate with various levels within the organization including those individuals on the front line who must execute and deliver. Focus is on building a bridge with business and technology operations teams together to support the transformation. It's a journey not an event.

Thanks to some early focus on delivery with the successful transformation recognized within industry venues, TallulahBlue Health has several successes. In a few short years, TallulahBlue Health realized its vision to provide Healthcare IT solutions and consulting services. Today, TallulahBlue Health focuses in on 3 major capabilities: “Operational Consulting, Core Technology/ Transformation and Architecture/Solution consulting”


TallulahBlue Health has a mission: apply skills to targeted Healthcare DNA problems. In other words, “taking strategy to execution – real delivery of strategy and Architecture Technology while building capabilities internally for clients for a better, faster and cheaper Healthcare Ecosystem.

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