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What Should You Be Doing Now To Meet ONC/CMS Interoperability Requirements?

By Jason Proulx

Are You on Track To Meet the Upcoming Interoperability Deadlines?

The clock is winding down on health plans / systems to meet the Patient Access and Provider Directory API requirements with a Jan. 1, 2021, deadline for compliance and enforcement beginning on July 1, 2021. CMS estimates that it will typically take 6 to 18 months to implement a solution to meet the new requirements. (Translation – It’s time for health plans to make this a priority.)

We can help in 3 areas

Assessing the current state and impact of the new rules. 

In order to know where to start, you need to have a strong understanding of the new rules and requirements. Then you can begin developing an organizational strategic alignment plan, as well as beginning to identify data sources and complete system(s) data mapping. As the rules were finalized in March 2020, TallulahBlue Health with HealthLX has created a dedicated interoperability team that understands the requirements, as well as a solution that already has a data mapping from various commercial core claims systems to the USCDI data standard.

Assess your current environment. 

After gaining an understanding of the new CMS regulations, it’s time to begin developing an organization-specific solution based on your current environment. Review of your technology architecture, perform an analysis of your privacy and security controls, and define your requirements and process flow.  TallulahBlue Health can provide assessments and can tailor the scope and timeline of an assessment to meet your requirements with the HealthLX solution.

Implement out-of-the-box SaaS Platform ( HealthLX )

Implement an end-to-end solution to enable patient access API, provider directory API and payer-payer data exchange, and to ensure privacy and security. TallulahBlue Health has extensive experience planning, managing and executing integration for our clients to achieve the CMS mandates around interoperability.

Next steps?

Contact us to discuss what interoperability means for your health plan beyond the upcoming deadline and how your organization can position themselves. If you’re interested in learning more about TallulahBlue Health's interoperability solution and services, please email me at

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